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The RNC Platform is draconian and depraved

REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE Mitt Romney and his Vice President Paul Ryan.

By Alexander Strada
Managing Editor

The Republican National Convention unveiled their official 2012 party platform last week to alternating bloodthirsty cheers and sorrowful awe, depending on who you ask.

The 62-page document released on RNC website offers a slew of regressivist propaganda and outrageous social commentary that is only marginally less horrifying to slog through than the sequel to “The Human Centipede.”

The document starts with an ambitious preamble that laughably claims the American dream has always been one of equal opportunity for all, then raises the stakes by warning this dream is now at risk.

How is this dream at risk, you ask? To the RNC and, presumably, their target electorate, nothing says “equal opportunity” like banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest, codifying anti-gay discrimination into the constitution itself with an amendment banning same-sex marriage, and declaring English our official national language.

The document condemns family planning education for teenagers, advocating abstinence-only education and preaching abstinence as the only “responsible and respected standard of behavior.”

In a masterful twist of words, the document obscures restricting military women from direct combat roles and banning the wearing of military uniforms by personnel who wish to protest for gay rights or attend gay weddings as maintaining “military priorities,”  “mission readiness,” and as standing against using the military for “social experimentation.”

There’s even mention of a flag-burning ban. It goes on and on, touching on most every hot button issue with a sort of belligerent pride for their ignorance that is usually reserved for the very drunk. The RNC has taken an extreme and draconian stance on virtually every issue available to them in a clear attempt to appeal to the most ignorant and prejudiced American voters.

It’s not surprising that a political party would attempt to mould itself to appeal to the groups they think can get them elected, the Democrats do this too, but it is impressive to see just how aggressively backwards they’re willing to be, and it remains to see if this will pay off for them in the voting booth.

Alexander Strada

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