Talking trash in Sunset with Schooners, beaches

FAMILY-FRIENDLY FUN in the sun with Schooners and friends.

By Chelsea Turner
Entertainment Editor

Looking for a good time over the weekend that will appease all your carnal cravings of life including booze, babes and bacon? Look no further because new restaurant Schooners at Sunset located on PCH and Broadway in Sunset Beach is now hosting a beach clean up day every third Saturday starting Feb. 16.

Start off the day with breakfast, coffee, mimosas and bloodies at Schooners at Sunset from 8 to 10 a.m.

The menu features many fabulously interesting items including “the mess” whose name justifies the gooey dream dish mixing all your favorite breakfast items together.

The “Bromosa,” a mix of beer and orange juice, is an excellent choice for those looking for a more rustic morning drink to make you feel like less of a prancing champagne panzie and more like the tough bro Orange County has morphed you into. Come flex your muscles with a beer on the beach for a good cause, the chicks will dig it.

No need to count carbs, for this event offers two full hours of repetitively scaling the beach, bending, reaching and snapping followed by an hour of relaxing instructed yoga at Cleobella on the beach.

Luckily you won’t have to head home for a change and shower because the ocean is conveniently placed a few steps ahead for a quick dip. Free t-shirts are given to all participants.

The event ends at Schooners at Sunset with live music from reggae rock band “Cali Conscious Collective” and over 30 California craft beer selections.

The first beach clean up was a total success where over 50 people attended and rocked out to the beat of the community. Come Jan. 2 to jam pack your weekend with all the necessities of the week in just one day including booze, exercise, music, dancing, cleaning, charity and laughs with good people all in one awesome spot at the same tim

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