Quick, easy fixes that can save your wardrobe

PLAIN T-SHIRT transforms into brand new skirt.

By Lourdes Rebaza
Western Sun staff writer

Ever came across the perfect dress, shirt, skirt, short, or accessory and noticed something is wrong? Or how about when you are in a hurry and need a quick fix to your wardrobe? Well good thing there is a solution to everything, including fashion.

There is always a certain pair of heels that we love in our closest and can’t seem to throw them away no matter how beat up they are.

If you do not have the time or the money to take them to a shoe repair shop, one easy way to make the shoe look more decent to wear is coloring them in.

Whenever you come across a scuff take a sharpie of the same color as the shoe and color it in.

One good tip to not getting makeup stains on your clothes is changing after, but for the ones that aren’t able to do this there is a simple solution.

Using a baby wipe helps reduce or remove any makeup stains or lint you might have on your clothing.

Having a run in your panty hose can get really embarrassing, especially if they keep getting bigger and bigger. Instead of buying new ones, try putting on clear nail polish or small spritz of hairspray over the run so it stops.

Having a stuck zipper can be a drag, even with the help of two to three people.

Rubbing a bar of soap or wax candle onto the problem can help you easily slide the zipper up and down without the helping hands. Also, the lead of a wooden pencil helps too.

When nothing in your closet seems appealing, jump over to your brother’s, boyfriend’s, or dad’s closet and grab a button up long sleeve. This very shirt can become a possible favorite skirt with just a few steps.

First you step inside the shirt, and then tie the arms into a knot in front of you, pull on the top so it straight, and finally tuck in any extra fabric into the folds.

If your favorite leather jacket is wasting away, but you just don’t have it in you to throw it out, try using a scarf to hide its imperfections.

This method works perfectly with any outfit, because you can interchange the color or style of the scarf based on your outfit.

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