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GWC wins 24th straight conference title

THE RUSTLERS men’s water polo team (white cap) is trying to stop Concordia from scoring on Oct. 26 and won 17-14. Golden West is the Southern California champion with a win over Cerritos College on Nov. 10 by the score of 20-8.

Leslie Betancourt
Western Sun staff writer

For the second straight year the Golden West College men’s water polo team is on its way to win another state title. The Rustlers faced Santa Ana College Thursday, Nov. 1 in the Orange Empire Conference semi-finals and won by the score of 15-6.

GWC was named the 2012 Orange Empire Conference champions with a 14-6 win over Riverside College. The green and gold had an overall record of 26-0, and 5-0 conference play. In the state the Rustlers are the number one seeded team.

Ricardo Guimaraes, Kris Laczkovics, Tommy Grall, Laszlo Nagy, Dante Cavazos, and others all scored at one point in the game.

In the first quarter the Rustlers took no time making Santa Ana fall behind by the score of 4-0. During the second quarter Golden West scored five more times, and only let in three goals. The Rustlers went into the half with the lead by the score of 9-3.

With 6:25 on the clock, Golden West had no goalie on their side, so Laszlo Nagy blocked shots. By the end of the third quarter the Rustlers lead with a score of 12-6.

The fourth was not a struggle, Rand ustlers secured the win leading by eight goals as an assist by Laszlo Nagy to teammate Tommy Grall to finish off the game.

Head coach Scott Taylor had to say, “I am happy about the win, we made a lot of progress but we have a lot to improve for the next two weeks.

“One championship, got a lot of work to do, the guys played hard but we made a lot of mistakes now we are going to go back and improve for next weekend and get better.”

The Rustlers beat LA Valley College 15-10, Long Beach City College 11-7, and Cerritos College by the score of 20-8 in the Southern California Championships.

GWC next travels to play in the state finals at Diablo Valley College on Friday, Nov. 16 against West Valley College at 2:15 p.m.

KRIS Laczkovics (3) tries to block Concordia’s defense pass and shoot on goal. The Rustlers are the Orange Empire Conference champions for the 24th time, and beat Riverside City College Saturday, Nov. 3 by the score of 14-6.

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