Artists ‘Pressing the Limits’ over the edge

MICHAEL COSTELLO explains his print process at the presentation of his creations. Western Sun photos by Javier Silva

By Javier Silva
Western Sun staff writer

On March 23, Michael Costello, a world-renowned print artist, came to Golden West College to speak about his work that is being displayed at the campus’ Fine Arts Gallery, in their newest exhibit “Pressing The Limits”.

Along with Costello’s art, the gallery also shows the work of Willis F. Lee, Jennifer Lynch and Mitchell Marti. A large crowd gathered to listen, while Costello elaborated on his creations.

Costello’s work ranged from prints of clouds, to a display of eye-catching drawings, in which he explained, in a humble tone, to be “doodles on napkins.”

Costello said he gathers inspiration from traveling and flying, “I like the ritual of flying, the perspective from the sky and the way the clouds look overhead.”

Costello lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has his own business called The Hand Graphics Gallery (www.handgraphics.com).

At Hand Graphics Gallery he works on his own projects, along with collaborations with other artist “I’m constantly working, but not on my own projects.”

A student asked Costello what he enjoys working with the most, replying back with a smile as he said, “Mostly prints, on a good day I’m a master printer.”

He spoke on the different techniques he uses and the process of monotype, in which you start with a drawing and then making it abstract until it becomes un-objective.

Costello walked around and spoke on the pieces made by the other artist and gave insight to the process they used.

All the pieces are made in a unique way, which made for a very enjoyable viewing experience.

“You can’t like everything you do, but pursue it, keep working on it everyday. It’s only in the process of doing it that it becomes better,” said Costello as he ended the presentation.

The exhibit will continue through April 12.

MITCHELL MARTIN’S “Generalized Section II.”

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