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It Pays to Advertise in The Western Sun

Free On-line ad with any advertising placed in The Western Sun newspaper!

Advertising: (714) 895-8256
Cell: (714) 315-9450
Fax: ( 714) 895-8795
Advertising Manager – Katie Cumper
Faculty Adviser – Jim Tortolano

Dear Advertiser:

Nearly 15,000 college students, staff, faculty and community members have complimentary copies of The Western Sun available to them every school day. Your business message draws a built-in readership. The Western Sun readers live within your community where they buy goods and services every day. Students, staff and faculty members are all commuters. There is no on-campus housing.

Approximately 95% of students, staff and faculty drive past YOUR business to and from campus every school day. The Western Sun gives every advertiser 14 days of exposure to this mobile, affluent population that lives and buys in YOUR market area.

Display Advertising Rates

STANDARD OPEN RATE $6 column inch
(minimum insertion 2 column inches).

3x rate $5.50
6x rate $5.00
12x rate $4.50

****************1x             3x        6x         12x
FULL (62.5”)   375.00  343.75  312.50  281.25
HALF (31.25”) 187.50  171.88  157.50  140.63
1/4 (15.625”)   93.75     85.94   78.13  70.32
1/8 (8”)            48.00     44.00 40.00  36.00
COLOR: $100 extra

Mechanical Data

Page width is 10 inches.
Column length is 12.5 inches.
Full page is 5 columns (10’ x 12.5”)
Column widths in inches

  • 1 column is 1.875” wide
  • 2 columns are 3.875” wide
  • 3 columns are 5.9375” wide
  • 4 columns are 8” wide
  • 5 columns are 10” wide


Every other Wednesday, except holiday

Fall 2015 Semester

  • September 2, 16
  • October 07, 21
  • November 4, 18
  • December 2

Spring 2016 Semester

  • February 10, 24
  • March 09, 23
  • April 6, 20
  • May 4

Deadline for space reservations, Wednesday prior at noon.

General Information

All fractions of an inch in display advertisements will be increased to the next half-inch.
The Western Sun assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or omissions in copy.
Errors in copy must be brought to the attention of the Advertising Director immediately on receipt of checking copy.
The Western Sun is not responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. Liability will not exceed the cost of the space.
Cancellations must be made five working days in advance prior to publication (4pm).


Credit will be extended only to those businesses which have been in the same location for at least one year. No advertising will be printed without completed and signed insertion order and prepayment unless previously approved.

Accounts with outstanding balances will be billed on the last run date of each month. If payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice date, the account will be turned over to a collection agency of The Western Suns’ choice, and an additional $10 will be assessed. All expenses incurred during collection process will be the responsibility of the advertiser.

All political, entertainment, classified and out of state advertising must be paid in advance.

All checks should be made payable to GWC Western Sun and mailed to:

Western Sun Advertising
Golden West College
15744 Golden West St.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647